Oysters and Wine

Welcome to Jakolof Bay Oyster Co. Our oysters are in prime condition, plump, clean and firm, a benefit of slow, pristine, cold-water growth that prevents spawning, and keeps bacteria that plague warm water oysters at bay. We are a small farm in Jakolof Bay, 7 miles south of Homer Alaska across Kachemak Bay on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula, 220 miles south of Anchorage.

One of the uncelebrated qualities of oysters is how their flavor changes with the seasons, the weather, their age, their reproductive cycles, and even their very placement within a small bay. A single Jakolof oyster can provide a kaleidoscope of flavors; there’s the salty taste of the liquor when it first hits the tongue, gliding into a sweet burst as the silky fatty lipids are released, then a smooth sea tang lingers. If you’ve added lemon, shallot mignonette, or tabasco, that extra kick will give you a thirst for a sip of Muscadet or a Homer Brew. A bite of buttered french bread will clear the palate for another round.

We operate in an extreme climate, if our online store is closed subscribe to our Harvest Updates and be the first to know when we’re ready for shipping again.