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We are a small family farm with a local market hungry for our oysters. We also have limited quantities available for shipping outside Alaska and we pop-up periodically in state. You can subscribe to our Harvest Updates and we’ll keep in touch. 

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Shipped Orders

We will do our best to meet your requested delivery date, but we plan our harvests with an eye on the weather, so order early! We have a great shipping track record, but will happily give you a refund or a rain-check if we are not able to meet your deadline. Since oysters are perishable and we ship FedEx Priority Overnight, please select Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday for delivery. We pack them to travel up to 48 hours to accommodate any delivery delays (more likely around the holidays). Stored properly they can last up to two weeks out of water.

Local Orders

We harvest to order, and we pick a harvest date as close as possible to the delivery date (see weather caveat below); the sooner you place your order, the closer you will be to the top of our harvest list. Subscribe to our Harvest Updates, and follow us on Facebook. We’re planning more pick-up parties for 2018, and we’ll let you know when we are in your area.

Homer pick-up:

You can now place your order online and schedule a pick-up at our processing plant in Homer – 3389 Douglas Place (across from Homer Fish Processing).

  • Order online, a minimum of one day ahead, and
  • change the “Delivery Method” to “Pick-up Locally“,
  • Click checkout, then you can select any day of the week noon-6pm

We’ll pack your oysters ahead and meet you at your scheduled pickup time.

WEATHER CAVEAT: It is Alaska. Weather rules our world, if we are unable to harvest due to weather, we will let you know as soon as we can, and offer you a full refund.