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Scallops, Oysters, and Tulips!


In time for Mother’s Day, we will deliver scallops and oysters for our next Anchorage Pre-order Pick-up Party. Plus our friends at Alaska Stems are making Tulips available! Pre-orders only for shellfish and flowers, but rumor has it that Seeds of Change may drop by with greens to purchase on-site to complete your feast.

Note: This shopping page is for this event only, visit Buy Online for shipping to your door, visit Buy Local if you’re in Homer.

Available Products for this Event:

ORDER EARLY: We harvest to order, and we pick a harvest date as close as possible to the delivery date (see weather caveat below); the sooner you place your order, the closer you will be to the top of our harvest list. We currently have 25, 50, 100 and 200 counts available (while supplies last) of our Petite Choice, Standards and Large oysters.

WEATHER CAVEAT: It is Alaska. Weather rules our world, if we are unable to harvest due to weather, we will let you know as soon as we can and offer you a full refund.

UNCLAIMED ORDERS: Orders not claimed by 6pm on your delivery date, will be shared with a worthy shellfish lover. We are NOT able to store products for next day pickup, but you are welcome to send a friend to pick them up (as long as you trust them).

HARVEST UPDATES: Subscribe to our Harvest Updates, and follow us on Facebook. We’ll  notify you when our  oysters will be in Anchorage. We’ll be selling  in Anchorage once a month through the Alaska Food Hub this summer.